BuzzClip - a protective "eye"


BuzzClip helps you discover what's in front of you. It emits vibration when you approach something that's in the way.

For those who are blind, the stick is an aid, but it can be difficult to detect things at face height, for example. signs, tree branches and posts. Here, BuzzClip can be helpful as it provides important protection against the head and upper body. It can be easily held or attached to many forms of clothing, making it a versatile and useful device. 

BuzzClip can be compared to a car's back sensor and has a sensor that uses ultrasound to detect obstacles in front of and obliquely. The device is fastened eg on the user's T-shirt, shirt or jacket and the distance can be set to 1, 2 or 3 m. BuzzClip delivers vibrations when the user approaches something that's in the way, and the closer to an object, the faster vibrations. 

Using BuzzClip, the user does not need to be as focused all the time as the device helps detect and warn if any unexpected obstacles appear. With BuzzClip as a protective eye, it increases the safety of the user and the risk of damage is reduced! 

If the BuzzClip is switched on, the battery will last for about 10 hours and can be charged with a standard micro USB cable. 

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